Management of Extramural Funds


Efficient acquisition and strategically optimized utilization of extramural funds play more and more a central role in science to be nationally and internationally competitive. We support process and experience oriented the whole life cycle of extramural funds. Starting with the search for the best funding source and the application for funding, to the implementation of an effective project management up to the development of strategies for follow up projects. We support universities, research institutions and funding organizations in the development and optimization of suitable funding concepts for research and in the establishment of effective, process oriented organizational structures.

Search for Extramural Funds


In the German speaking area there are more than 1.800 national and international funding organizations with more than 5.000 funding programs.

On the basis of our longtime experience in research funding we search for funds for your project ideas and yourself looking for success promising funding agencies and funding programs.

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Application for Extramural Funds


We design a first application concept for you. We support you in optimizing the non scientific parts of your proposal, to develop a convincing concept and in the coordination of the various steps of your application.

We support joint research projects and priority programs in the development of effective strategies and policies and in the acquisition of funds, from the application to the coordination and implementation of tailor made management structures.

We revise the formal parts of written proposals.

After submission of your proposal to a funding agency we support you during the evaluation process up to the funding decision.

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Deployment of Extramural Funds


Basis for success in science is the efficient realization of projects and the strategic optimal orientation of project objectives. We support you to develop efficient management structures to reach your project goals efficiently. We assist you in the strategic development of your projects for follow up research and funding.

Excellent scientific work requires excellent description of the performed research and the results achieved, in order to secure funding of follow up projects.

We assist you in your obligations to report your (interim/final) research results to funding agencies and help you to develop strategies, to secure continuous funding.

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Institutional Research Support


We support universities and research institutions to develop and optimize effective concepts for research support. Thereby we bring in our longtime professional experience and different perspectives of the extramural funding system as scientist, applicant, research manager and funding manager. That is to say we look holistically at the complete life cycle of extramural funds from the search for a suitable funding source to the application for funding and the project realization up to strategic project developments and the securing of follow up funding.

We assist funding organizations in the development and establishment of funding programs, adapted evaluation systems and board structures.

For special projects we have an extended network of experienced and trustworthy consultants.

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