Förderungsberatung Dr. rer. nat. Wilma Simoleit


We are a service business for universities, research institutions, funding organizations, scientific managements and young scientists.


We offer seminars, workshops and lectures in English and German. Major subjects of our presentations are evaluation systems of proposals and allocation procedures of extramural funds in Germany and the EU (FP8), implementation and management of joint research initiatives, career development, valorisation of scientific ideas, acquisition of funding for research projects and for the own position as well as strategic and effective utilization of extramural funds.


We assist universities, research institutions and funding organizations to develop and optimize process oriented structures for the efficient allocation, acquisition and utilization of extramural funds.


We support joint research initiatives in the development of effective strategies and policies and in the acquisition of funds, from the application for funding to the implementation of tailor made management structures and the coordination.


We support our customers in the acquisition of national and European funds to finance scientific projects or the ownposition as well as the start of an entrepreneurship part or full time. We help to develop project strategies to secure funding for follow up projects.


We offer tailor made coaching according to the needs of our clients to enhance and optimize their individual career chances in the academic system. We support scientists to valorize their scientific ideas economically.