tl_files/simoleit/images/wilma_simoleit.jpgDr. Wilma Simoleit


In her professional experience Dr. Simoleit combines the different perspectives of the extramural funding system. She received her Ph.D. in Microbiology and published numerous scientific publications. For several years she worked as scientist in Germany and the USA and attracted successfully extramural funds for her position as well as for project support.


From research Dr. Simoleit changed to research management and research funding. She gained longtime experience in the support of national and international research at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Deutsche Krebshilfe.



Dr. Simoleit counsels universities, research institutions, funding organizations, administrations, scientific managements, experienced and young scientists. She lectures at universities and research institutions about extramural funding and career development in science. In 2009 she initiated a conference on „Forschungsmanagement: Drittmittel einwerben und verwalten“, and in 2010 on „Forschungsförderung: Gratwanderung zwischen Bürokratie und Ideenschmiede?“, both held in Bonn.




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