Career Development

In Science

To develop a successful career in science besides professional competence key factors like management skills, personal performance and networking play a decisive role.

We support senior and junior scientists confidentially to develop a successful career.

We help our customers to analyse their career situation and to develop individual strategies to advance in their career.

We assist scientists to design their application documents professionally and to present themselves adequately in job interviews.


From Science towards Business

Scientist quite often gain results in research or develop special techniques that can be exploited economically. We help you to valorize your scientific ideas and results.

We support scientists to start with their scientific idea an entrepreneurship part or full time. We assist our customers from the development of a business idea, to the assessment of its market and the market positioning up to the first years after the start of the business. In this process we focus especially on the development of suitable strategies to position the entrepreneur and the company optimal within the academic surroundings. We also coach within the Exist funding program of the Federal Government.




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